A kingdom ruled by a single king. The kingdom is made of a variety of races including human, dwarf, elven, dark-ones, and more. However the kingdom has long been ruled by humans. Magic is known by all to exist. Though those that use it were feared by many, believing that they would one day use their powers to enslave the people of Tamril.

The kingdom under Sarin’s rule was learning to be accepting of other races and magic users. However once the Lunar attacked many things started happening and not for the good. The war attracted many creatures to this world. Creatures from another world started appearing. Horrible creatures that were savage and killed anything they saw.

The war raged on however as the lands of a once peaceful nation went to hell. Humans and other races had to not only deal with the war, but the escalate of these new creatures appearing in these lands. Cults even formed worshiping some of the demons. Entire towns would have to bow before some of the creatures or appease them so that they were not slaughtered.

The Lunar did ultimately seize control and killed the king. The kingdom having changed controllers the big war was officially over. However their were still some who would rebel and did not want to see the Lunar in power. The creatures seemingly flooding the land slowly stopped appearing after the war for the most part came to a halt. Though some believe this only made cult followers rise in population for hopes of of their masters coming and bringing with them an army.

Elven kind became slaves, winches, servants, and other low economic jobs. They became generally looked down upon by humans and many resorted to becoming outlaws.

Dwarfs as they had for so long before Sarin stayed away from humans and went back to their part of Tamril.

Mages/Magic users were sent to Warlocksley. Where Enchantower stood and became a sanctuary for their kind.

A rebel army was formed after the Lunar took control to retake the thrown. This army is lead by the Rebel Queen.


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