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The country of Tamril was doing well under the Rule of Sarin. Humans ruled most of the land. Sarin was teaching his Kingdom to be more accepting of other races though. They were starting to have relations with the dwarfs. Elves were starting to feel like normal citizens and taking part in more in the Kingdom. There were still things out in the wild that many people did not know about. Lands to still be discovered.

Corlas was a kingdom to the west and one day invaded Tamril. Marekt, the Lunar, lead the army that invaded Tamril. He killed Sarin and assumed the thrown taking control over Tamril.

The Lunar now in control the country and all the things Sarin had done were going to shambles. A resistance formed lead by the Rebel Queen. However they had limited number of men and resources due to the fear of what the Lunar might do if any who help the resistance were caught. The Rebel Army kept low and kept to the woods and swamps. All the men in the army however were very loyal. The Rebel Queen’s presence kept moral high. The royal bloodline being alive was enough for a hope for a better Tamril.


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