DAO: Return to the Throne

The Arrival

The boat pulls up to the docks. The crew men hurry and set the plank up to let people onto shore. Once the plank is set up the crew back away and let you off the boat. Some of the dock workers look at you in alarm, but try to pretend that they are going out what they were doing.

You see a gentleman (1) waiting on the dock. He is plump and dressed in fine fabrics. You can tell he is a wealthy gentleman, the kind that would let his serfs starve before he would share his own food. He comes up to you as you walk down the plank. “You must be the adventures that I sent for. Come quickly please, to the carriages. We must hurry,” he says to you.

As you walk towards the carriages human men dressed like others at the docks surround you. They all have their weapons drawn. Other people step back in alarm not understanding what’s going on.


“I knew I was correct in sending for you,” he boast as you finish off the assassins. “Please though we must hurry. We must not be late for the King.” He ushers you to the carriages that are waiting.

The Story Begins

The night sky is clear he walks and sees his mother talking to the general of the army. They appear to be going over battle plans. They seem cheerful as much as either of them could be about the whole situation. The General rarely smiled but he was always optimistic. Mother was wearing her shiny stained golden armor. She looked like a true leader. Mother looked over at me and tried to look happy. She always was trying to protect me. She said I would be important one day, but I just felt helpless. She was the strong one. She was the backbone to everything. She is who everyone turned to. She was the heart of this army.

As I looked at my mother with a smirk holding my sword. I saw in the distance men on horses headed straight for us. Sword were drawn and they were holding them high in the air. My mother and general looked and shouted for the men to get ready. We were about to be under attack.

My mother turned around and shouted at me to run. “Into the woods now,” she said. I’ve learned to not question my mother, so I quickly turned and ran into the woods. I ran and just for an instance I looked back. I looked back only to see my mother fighting for her life. She was so graceful with a sword. She repelled against so many. She seemed so unstoppable.

Then by the light of the camp fire I could see a shadowy figure come up from behind her. And then “NO,” I screamed. I saw her die right in front of my eyes. Her throat slit.

I didn’t have time to weep. I heard the shadowy figure say hurry find the boy. I had to do what mother said I had to get away she told me this would happen one day and I would be needed. So I ran deep into the woods.

The Boat

Your adventure starts some time before.

The waves are crashing against the boat. It has been a rough ride since you left land so long ago. The crew men have been staring at you since you have got on. The crew refuses to go near any of you and they make you sleep in the back of the ship. They make sure to put all of you in a room away from them.

All of you are on the front deck of the ship looking out into the horizon. Your turn around and see members of the crew approach you a few with their swords drawn. One crew member approaches you with his hand on the hilt of his sword. He says, “Members of my crew have been getting sick. I know you creatures had something to do with this. I know I should have never let your kind on this ship.”*1


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